Brian J. Flynn
President & CFO

Brian has over 26 years of experience as President and Chief Financial Officer of BC Flynn Contracting. As President of the firm, Brian has built the company’s success on integrity and commitment to client satisfaction. As CFO he oversees all of BC Flynn’s financial aspects and resources. Brian’s knowledge of finance and systems management is integral to maintaining financial stability and growth for the benefit of both the company and its clients.
Education: Manhattan College


Michael S. Flynn

As Principal, Michael brings over 25 years of experience to BC Flynn Contracting. He has been the driving force in BC Flynn's expansion into new markets and has implemented BC Flynn’s state of the art fabrication facility. Michael keeps the company on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring its clients have the benefit of the latest techniques, materials, methods and other technological advances.
Education: Purdue University


Raymond Levesque
Vice President of Operations

Ray has over 35 years experience in the mechanical insulation industry. That experience and knowledge encompasses everything from an IBM facility in East Fishkill to nuclear and fossil fuel power plants to pharmaceutical, petrochemical, automotive, food processing and military defense industries. Based in the Capital Region of New York, Ray is involved in many high tech projects in the semi-conductor industry. Because of Ray’s background, BC Flynn’s customers gain the benefit of an unsurpassed level of expertise. A level of expertise that is unique to BC Flynn.
Education: Syracuse University


Gary DeVoe
Senior Branch Manager New England Region

Gary began working in the mechanical insulation industry in 1971. He successfully directed his familys business for over 20 years. He has been a driving force for BC Flynn since 2009. Gary has administered many of the most prominent commercial, higher education, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and food processing projects here in Connecticut. He is a Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser under the NIA Accredited Energy Appraisal Program.


Chris Sweda
Manager Western NY Region

Chris has been working in the mechanical insulation industry for the past 25 years. His expertise includes insulation for industrial and aeronautical facilities requiring specialty pad fabrication. Chris has been an intregal part BC Flynns expansion into the Western NY Region with the philosophy that quality, productivity and safety are inseparable components to any successful pfoject.
Education: Alfred State University


Mark Donohue
Quality Control Manager

As QA/QC manager for BC Flynn, Mark is responsible for supervising the overall quality and workmanship on BC Flynn projects. He coordinates with the site construction manager on all quality issues, ensures the safety is adhered to and assures all technical documents relative to the site quality control are current. Mark joined the company in 1993 and has contributed greatly with his significant knowledge of the construction industry. His hands on approach allow our clients the confidence that all projects are met with the specifications and high standards of BC FLYNN.

James R. Towle
Corporate Safety Director

Jim brings more than 25 years of experience to BC Flynn Contracting. As Corporate Safety Director, he successfully implemented and now manages our Zero Accident Safety Program. Jim has a vast knowledge of industrial safety practices, required safety training, safety work practices, tool usage and equipment operation. He assures that BC Flynn complies with all OSHA regulatory requirements and implementing Confined Space, Hazcom, Lock-Out, Tag-Out control programs and JSA/JHA/TSA/PTP/SIPP compliance.
Education: Syracuse University